Taking A Step Back To Take A Step Forward | How To Reinspire Yourself

Hey people! How's it going?

You may or may not have noticed that I took a little bit of time off Instagram throughout the month of October, just after our holiday to Greece - but I'm back, at last, with a new post talking through some of the things that led me to take this little break! Plus, it's a perfect excuse to share this beaut cable knit jumper from Na-Kd - they have some gorgeous pieces for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe which you really should check out!

I have been in and out of doctors appointments and hospitals over the last two weeks (which I will talk about in an upcoming blog post), but the main reason for my break prior to that was that the 'gram was pissing me off to such a degree while we were on holiday, that I just needed some space. We took a break. But we've found our way back to each other. We're working things out.

While in Greece, I couldn't believe how obsessive I became with the never ending cycle that is... take a "good enough" photo > upload to Instagram > gain some followers and garner some likes > the pressure then mounts to create even better photos quickly > that pressure then gets the better of you and you start comparing yourself to others and blaming yourself for not being as good.

There came a point during our week away when I simply had enough - with myself, the cycle and the app. This isn't what the app is for!! Instagram has always been SO fun, and is such an amazing creative platform where you can post whatever you like, but I started comparing myself to everyone and giving myself such a hard time - when in reality I was the one on holiday in Greece while everyone else was at home working! Yet somehow I felt as though I'd drawn the short straw. Perception is weird.

So I took a step back. A step back from putting so much pressure on myself to upload a picture to Instagram that I hoped my followers would like, only for it not to do quite as well as I had hoped, or not quiiiite fit my feed as I had thought when I clicked upload. How fucking boring I became that week. Poor Aaron man...

Over and above anything else, A Worthy Trend is my baby, and my favourite favourite hobby (only rivalled by my love of yoga). I do not make a living off my blog and Instagram, which makes it all the more important that this is a space I continue to love and enjoy and feel excited by - otherwise, really why am I doing this?

After giving myself some time to think about what I want for A Worthy Trend, we're back and I am feeling so excited. Today I want to share with you my tips for being reinspired by who you are and what you're doing when you start to lose your way. Take a step back, and just reassess.

Side note: enter my new dream combo...snake print and chunky knitwear.

Be totally, authentically you. This was the first thing that made me realise I needed to take some time out. There came a new wave on my Instagram timeline of BEAUTIFUL imagery with very specific presets and filters. They were very warm toned, with quite unnatural (albeit stunning) colours. Now don't get me wrong, the aesthetic is gorgeous - it's just not something I want to create. But for some ridiculous reason, I felt really quite pressured to delve into the preset trend (£100s deep into the trend I might add - just to make absolutely sure they weren't for me....).

But this blog, and my Instagram are mine! There are no rules for what you create, or the kind of imagery you ought to be sharing. So why on earth had I pressured myself into following the crowd? Especially when it just didn't feel like me. The exact reason that we all follow hundreds of different accounts on Instagram is because we want to see variety - we want to be inspired by different people, who do something unique to us. So we shouldn't all be trying to do the same thing if we don't want to.

I love clean, crisp but soft imagery (oxymoron central), so this is what I'm going back to. It's a different style to others, sure - but it's what makes me feel inspired and creative. It comes more naturally to me to create in this way, so if I'm going to make this space work for me, let's do things my way. Honestly, typing this out now, it seems so obvious, but I had really lost my way for a bit!!

Listen to yourself and trust your instincts. Fuck the algorithm. The algorithm can do one. We all hate it. We all know we all hate it. So let's start ignoring it and move forward. As I mentioned before, your blog and your Instagram pages are your creative outlets. No-one else's. We all want validation and likes, absolutely. But I refuse to upload according to some algorithm none of us can wrap our heads around. I want to grow my following, and I want to continue to expand consistently - but I am already doing that, so surely the logic is...keep doing what you're doing. I have decided to start listening to myself and to stop second guessing myself. I have a pretty good idea of what I'd want to see on my timeline, and so I'm trusting that instinct and that will bleed into what I create. There's something out there for everyone, and you can be that something for someone.


Cable Knit Jumper - c/o Na-Kd;   Snake Skirt - Topshop (similar here);   Boots - Topshop (similar here); Bag - Topshop;   Sunglasses - Meller

Mix it up. After taking a step back and uninstalling my presets (aka the BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY EVER...), the best situation happened. I have now teamed up with Stephanie O'Callaghan - an AMAZING photographer who literally lives down the road from me - and I am truly so excited to start sharing more of what we are creating together. She shot a lot of what is coming up on my Instagram, and also the photos for today's post, and it just feels SO inspiring to be working with someone who likes the same things, and has the same vision as me. It feels like the content will flow so much easier from here because she just gets it. I have been creating by myself in my flat for (I think) 3 years now, but it has been so refreshing having Stephanie involved. Sometimes it really is the perfect solution to do something out of your ordinary in order to find your inspo once again.

So here is to a new A Worthy Trend, and only allowing this space and Instagram to be a place of excitement, inspiration and fun. It really is sometimes the best idea to take a step backwards, or even just a step out, in order to work out what you want and then move forward.

So let's get going...

See you in the next post!

Lois x