How To Wear Animal Print If You’re Scared Of Animal Print

Hi there! It's been a hot minute.

I'm finally coming back atchaa with a new post featuring some gorgeous pieces from Na-Kd.

The start of a new season is always the trickiest, and I don't know about you, but it always takes me SO long to get into the autumn rhythm. I'm not quite ready for tights and boots, but my loooordd my legs are chilly without them! So obviously the only way to fix such a problem is to seek out inspiration and inject a few key pieces into my autumn wardrobe.

As I'm sure you all know and are fed up of hearing about, animal print is one of the biggest trends of this season. But animal print scares me!! It is very easy to over-do it, and can require quite a bit of thought to bring into your a/w wardrobe.  That being said though, it is such a cool print and texture to work with - and no wonder it is as big and popular as it is this season. I mean it really is everywhere...

So, with that I thought I'd share my tips for injecting animal print into your style this season, even if you are scared of it or don't quite know what to do with it...Enter the most perfect leopard print top for this season, and the prettiest millennial pink sweater to go with it.






Start small. Leopard print can be hit or miss, but at this time of the year it is so so hit - so it is difficult to go wrong with it. However, that doesn't mean it's always easy to style and there is ALWAYS the temptation to go overboard. My first approach to hitting this AW18 trend head on was to introduce small, animal print accessories or little touches to my outfit. So this leopard print roll neck adds the perfect glimpse of the bold print, but keeps it from being the sole focus of the entire outfit. I have also just bought the leopard print belt of dreams (see here) - which is another really good way to add just a little flare of this daring trend to your everyday outfits. Ease yourself in, go on...

Leopard Print Roll Neck - c/o Na-Kd;   Good Vibes Sweatshirt - c/o Na-Kd;   Jeans - Topshop Binx (similar here);

Shoes - Dr Martens;   Sunglasses - RayBans;   Earrings - Olive Clothing

Opt for neutral animal prints. Obviously, animal prints aren't exactly neutral. But what I mean by this is if you're scared of how bold animal print can look, make sure you seek out the more neutral colour palettes - so this roll neck is perfect because it's all earthy tones, and doesn't stand out too much until you notice it's actually leopard print. I typically prefer the more beigey-toned animal prints (again, the belt I just bought is the perfect example of this) so if you want to add a subtle nod to this trend without it standing out like a sore thumb, hit up the neutrals.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Opt for an outfit you would wear regularly, so you know you will feel comfortable and like you haven't ventured too far away from your personal style. Jeans, trainers and a sweatshirt seems to be my go-to outfit at the moment (can we just take a moment to discuss how bloody gorgeous this Good Vibes sweatshirt is by the way...) so adding the animal print trend into and around this left me still feeling like myself, but just myself with a style update for the new season.


Buy your basics in animal print. This is probably my main point, and links pretty nicely to the point above - buy your basics in animal print. Your favourite styling must haves. For me, that is always a roll neck at this time of year to layer under dresses, sweatshirts, tucked into my favourite skirts. So by buying my basics in more daring, trend-driven prints and patterns, I've instantly updated multiple looks by only buying one piece - which is really great, as it can feel a bit scary to splurge on a trend you're not sure if it's for you yet!


Clash your prints. I know what you're thinking. What an odd point to conclude on when the title is about being afraid of prints because, if you're scared of animal print, chances are you're scared to try CLASHING prints - BUT listen here. Within reason (as with everything), a print clash is exactly the thing you need to pull off animal print. Yes, this sounds counter-intuitive, but by clashing prints, they kind of cancel each other out and tone each other down (a la this look). Something happens when you put an animal print with a check for example (providing they are both neutral in colour!!) and it works an absolute treat, and my goodness, it makes you look like a styling genius!

And with that, we should all now be ready to embrace animal print, am I right? It really isn't as daunting as it seems once you start to add little flares to your outfit. I've just ordered a full on pair of leopard print trousers...look out.

Be sure to check out Na-Kd - they are such a cool brand, and stock some amazing pieces (many of which I still have my eye on!)!

What are your top tips for styling bolder prints this A/W?

Lois x




*Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Na-Kd