The Grove, Rodeo Drive & The Griffith Observatory | LA Adventures

I haven't actually been to the Farmers Market at The Grove before, but that was such an error because it is the most lovely covered market filled with little independent retailers (including the most exciting sticker shop known to man!) and lots and LOTS of food stalls (veggie empanadas were particularly tempting...). It was the perfect thing to do on an overcast day.


SO I'm slightly behind on the LA posts, but they're coming TRUST ME!

Our next few days in LA were equally as amazing as our first. Mum and I had to keep ourselves busy on a couple of days as my sister had lectures to attend, so we headed to one of my FAVOURITE places in LA - the Grove - followed by Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.

The Grove is an unbelievably beautiful outdoor shopping complex, with plenty of fountains and flowers, and it is apparently one of the best places for celeb spotting in LA (you're welcome). I can remember going here for the first time in 2012, and Fi and I were utterly obsessed with Abercrombie & Fitch (and the topless male models who were as close to Zac Efron as either of us were gonna get let's be real), and we'd walk out with bags and bags of "A&F" and "FITCH" t shirts...oh how times change!


PLAYSUIT - Topshop (similar here)

BAG - Gucci

Shoes - Vans

Sunglasses - Meller

Next up, we went for a stroll through Beverly Hills and along Rodeo Drive. While we quickly decided against entering any of the luxury boutiques for fear of falling head over heels for things we have no hope of affording, we, instead, strolled down the beautiful street and marvelled at the storefronts (obviously pointing out where Hannah Montana fought Tyra Banks for Lily's birthday shoes - gotta do what you gotta do).


On the following day, we had Fi back (yay!) so we spent the afternoon all together at The Griffith Observatory which was the most unforgettable experience. If you're heading to LA, this needs to be at the top of your must-visit list. The views over Los Angeles are absolutely breathtaking, and the science museum is just as exciting even for someone with little to no interest in space (aka me and mum ha!)

After climbing to the top of the observatory (and after taking Hollywood-sign-pics-aplenty), we exited through gift shop (because I have no merch control so help me God - I managed to restrain myself to only one hoody, but the t-shirts, keyring and travel coffee mugs (I don't even travel with coffee?!) were far too tempting). 

Silver Glitter Body - Topshop

Jeans - ASOS

Shoes - Vans

Sunglasses - ASOS (similar here)

Belt - Primark

We finished our outing with a coffee at the Griffith Cafe, and we sat outside, right in front of the Hollywood sign. I had THE SWEETEST french vanilla coffee I have ever had and I'm not sure I mean that too positively. I mean it was amazing, but a couple of sips and I was well and truly done. 
So if someone could take me back here as a matter of urgency, that would be much appreciated! 
Stay tuned for the next instalment of our LA adventures!
Lois x