We’ve Moved!

I know, I know. I haven't posted since May. I lost my blogging way amongst a load of big life changes. Change freaks me out - I think it freaks most people out - but I can genuinely say that one of the biggest and bestest changes has happened...

Aaron and I have finally moved in together!

At long last! After 5 and a half years long distance, and a hell of a lot of driving to and from Oxford, Cardiff, Manchester and London, we actually get to see each other every day!

How weird... We no longer have to pack up our weekend bags and say goodbye on a sad, miserable Sunday evening such as this one!

Once I'd finished my MSc, I moved to London. Although fun for (nearly) a year, Aaron and I knew this was it - time to actually see each other more than once a month (FaceTime is fun and all, but nothing beats a morning cuddle watching The Office). So, in October last year, we started the flat hunt (I still have the train ticket from our first visit to our new town displayed on my notice board).


A few months, and a lot of patience later, our dream flat in our perfect building came up for rent and we were STRAIGHT in there.

After a heck of a lot of unpacking (ty Dad and Aaron), and interior help from my amazing mum, we are all moved in and so so happy.

*Side note: living together is better than I actually could have imagined lol cringe.


I bought a few disposable cameras over the summer and wanted to include some of the unexpected snaps in this special A Worthy Trend post. They certainly won't feature every time, but there's something so comforting and familiar about looking through film photos, especially when documenting a special occasion or a happy memory.


Here are some snippets of our lovely new home.


Plant - IKEA / Planter - Next / Desk - IKEA / Noticeboard - DIY (see blog post here


I have a few more posts planned, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Now that I have my dream desk set up, the blog post creativity surge is due any minute right...?


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Lois x