How Wardrobe Staples Can Save Your Style Mojo




Alright how's it going?! Remember me?

Yes, I'm that so-called blogger who keeps popping up every now and then, before disappearing into a quiet hole only to resurface occasionally on Instagram - BUT WITH GOOD REASON THIS TIME I PROMISE.

I've been poorly lol boohoo. No but really, a few weeks ago I had a v nasty bout of tonsillitis (just in time for my birthday too - laaavely). I'm pretty prone to this fun infection, and it takes my body at least two weeks of hard-core antibiotics to finally get rid of it. I don't know if anyone else experiences this with antibiotics, but they make me feel SO low, and so far removed from my normal self. I'm normally a v jolly person, but for the past few weeks I have been doubting everything I do and every decision that I make. Including my ENTIRE wardrobe. I am well aware that this is far from an important problem, but it can be so demotivating when you're completely uninspired by your wardrobe. 

But! Completely unintentionally, I made a couple of the most stapley of purchases and I feel like a whole new lady with her style mojo back where it should be. It made me realise that your style doesn't need to be entirely out there and daring - by styling quirkier pieces with your most flattering and gorgeous basics, your look can be completely lifted out of boringville with complete ease.

The first "basic" purchase I made was a slogan tee. 

I'll admit right here, right now that I have ALWAYS had a thing for slogan t-shirts. I will also admit right here, right now that they were absolutely far from cool when I was 10 years old. Some of my faves from 2004 were embossed with slogans such as 'PARENTAL GUIDANCE: UNNECESSARY' (because that's v rebellious and against the grain) and 'ATTITUDE' - you remember what it was like walking into Tammy Girl? Mate, if it says it on a t-shirt, it MUST be true...

But for reals, now that we're all grown up, you need a basic slogan tee as part of your staple wardrobe. They are the easiest thing in the world to throw on with a pair of jeans, or tuck into an a-line skirt, yet they give off such an effortlessly cool vibe (especially if you luck out and find one that says 'EFFORTLESSLY COOL' across your chest...just kidding, don't do that...).

I've avoided quite a few slogan tees that I've seen recently, purely because they do make a statement and say something about you, but I would feel so hypocritical sporting a band tee which I have zero interest in! Then you get into the super sassy slogans which are defo not work or going-to-see-grandma appropriate. So when I found this Topshop number, I nearly jumped for joy while Aaron was sat waiting for me in a comfy chair by the shoes. The colouring and style is SO Gucci-esque (you have probably seen that £300 tee that everyone seems to have at the moment) but for a fraction of the price.

Next up is my favourite, and possibly the most essential "basic" purchase that I have made post all this tonsil malarkey - my new All Saints Leather Jacket. If you've followed this blog for a while now, you might know I used to own the All Saints Bleeker jacket (which is beautiful) but it just cut me off in the wrong place and didn't totally work in my favour. So, I said buh-bye to the old, and hello to my beautiful new Balfern! 

I literally feel as though I could wear this all day, every day with ANYTHING. A leather jacket is such an awesome, useful staple to have in your wardrobe and now that I own the perfect one for me I don't have a clue how I styled anything without one! They are so easy to throw on with jeans and a t-shirt, but they instantly lift your outfit to another level. Also, let's face it - in rainy England, you definitely need a cool jacket in your basics collection. You'll rarely get the chance to remove it!

Jacket - All Saints // T-Shirt - Topshop // Jeans - ASOS // Sunglasses - ASOS // Shoes - Vans // Bag - Accessorise // Earrings - Maria Tash (1, 2 and 3)

Quite the climb lol - who knew Bradford-on-Avon was so hilly?

Then came the non-basics: this beautiful mustard yellow cross-body bag, and these marble sunnies (after sitting on my favourite tortoise shell cat-eyed sunglasses earlier this year, I thought it was time to fill the void). Tied in with the essentials, I love the pop of colour and interest that these pieces add.


What advice would you give to someone in a style rut? I'd love to hear if you have any tips/advice!


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Lois xx