The Ultimate Bohemian Festival Dress

Festival season is fast approaching, and after a mad last-minute panic this time last year, I thought I'd better get myself organised and truly ready for Glastonbury 2017. 


The first thing I ALWAYS look for when festival shopping is the ultimate bohemian tea dress. Unfortunately for my disorganised self, it seems that this is what everyone else looks for first and ASOS is usually out of stock of all the best festival dresses just days before Glasto (understandable really...). So, when I found this BEAUTIFUL Kiss The Sky dress, I snapped it up immediately!



ASOS do have lots of these types of dresses at the moment, but I think there is something so beautiful and whimsical about this one. I am absolutely obsessed with the deep v-neckline with the scalloped edge, and the seventies fluted sleeves. Oh AND the dainty tie back! Not to mention the print. It's just such a pretty dress in a lovely floaty fabric. Even if you're not heading to a festival, this is the perfect dress to keep in your wardrobe for holidays or summer's evenings. 

In case you couldn't tell (!), I wore this dress on holiday in Greece both in the day exploring the streets and Acropolis of Lindos, and also in the evenings out for dinner. It's an all rounder, lads.

I opted to wear my ASOS cage-bralet underneath, but am planning on layering up some chokers and long necklaces for Glastonbury. Also, I think this dress will look SO cool with some fishnet shorts underneath (I know, I know - that sounds totally horrific but just you wait...) Fishnets and wellies - suuuuuper classy. But that's what festivals are all about - embracing the trashy. I literally LOVE the idea of completely dressing down something so pretty and feminine, and making it completely different and unique.

What are your go-to pieces and styling tips for festival season? I definitely could use any excuse to build my Glasto 2017 wardrobe! 


Lois x