New and Improved: A Worthy Trend!

Welcome to a brand new, shiny A Worthy Trend!

For a few months now, I've felt restricted by what my blog could do and that has led to me feeling uninspired to write or post anything.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge - I bought my domain name, I moved over to WordPress and completely revamped my blog for 2017. Already, I feel so much more inspired, and so excited about what's to come!  [Side note: When I keep saying 'I've added this' and 'I've changed that', just note that Phil from Pipdig did everything! I know literally nothing about coding - I just know it looks prettier now...]

I want to share with you what has changed, and some new features that you can expect from my new and improved blog!

Shop My Wardrobe


Shop The Look

I've added a 'Shop My Wardrobe' feature to the homepage of A Worthy Trend, so if you see anything on my Instagram, or if you're wondering what I've bought lately, I'll make sure it's there.

For all new style and beauty posts, there will be a 'Shop The Look' feature, allowing you to easily click on the exact items that I'm talking about, or have photographed.

A Prettier, Slicker

& Neater

A Worthy Trend!

As I mentioned above, I have moved over to WordPress, and I already think it is absolutely amazing! It really allows you to play around with the layout of your posts, and the general appearance of your blog in a way that Blogger just cannot do.

I think visuals are very important when it comes to blogging, so I thought I should make my blog more like those that I am obsessed with reading. AWT now has a more magazine-style format which I love!

Easy Access To


On The


On the homepage, you'll find three boxes which allow you to quickly select what sort of posts you'd like to read. I know some people much prefer style posts, whereas some are more interested in beauty. Whichever you prefer, you can now easily find your way there straight from the homepage!

I have also added some new categories to my blog; lookout for more regular updates to the 'Dupes' category.

I'd love to hear what you think of the new and improved AWT, and be sure to check back for more regular posts (for real this time!)