KYLIE COSMETICS: The Bronze Kyshadow Palette Review

I have never been a fan of Black Friday sales - you just end up buying lots of things that you wouldn't have otherwise bought, nor did you need.

However, if you're reading this thinking that I've suddenly got a bit superior, I have a confession to make: The Kylie Jenner Black Friday Sale got me. 20% off was far too good to pass up. My sister and I made a colossal Kylie Cosmetics order, and I am now the proud owner of one Kyshadow Palette, and three Kylie Lip Kits.


When I posted an Instagram of my new make up stash, lots of you wanted a full review - so here you go!


The Buying Process

Before I get into the palette itself, I really want to talk about the whole buying experience.


First of all, the website is so much easier to get onto now! When Kylie Cosmetics first launched, I remember spending two hours refreshing the page, trying to get my hands on any lip kit possible! I was really surprised that, even over Black Friday weekend, I was able to get on and add lots of things to my basket without the site crashing, or without the products suddenly going out of stock before I could click 'buy'.


My sister and I spent $173.60 together, which bought us 1 Kyshadow palette, and 6 Kylie Lip Kits. We were eligible for free delivery, so, with 20% off, we felt like we were practically stealing the products! This brought the lip kits down to $23.20, and the palette down to $33.60.



The delivery time was around 1 week, if not slightly less which I was seriously impressed by. I was able to track it the whole way to the UK, but I seriously panicked when the online tracker said 'DELIVERED' and I still didn't have my parcel. I think what happened was that the online status said 'delivered' once the parcel had been handed over to Royal Mail. Within two days of the incorrect 'delivered' status, I had received a Royal Mail slip in my letter box saying that I needed to pay a customs fee...


Ahh the dreaded customs slip... We had to pay £43! Just to have our make up handed over by Royal Mail! We had to fork out 24% of our total spend, which we'd bloody saved with the Black Friday discount! Lots of people haven't had to pay a customs fee, but I think they've cracked down on that and unfortunately, we were stung. I then discovered that my bank charged me £3 for purchasing goods in $ from Kylie's website - something else to remember if you're thinking about placing an order!

Kyshadow: The Bronze Palette

So, onto the goods...

I Am Wearing...

...Topaz (top right) and Tiger Eye (below Topaz) blended out as transition shades, with Hematite (bottom right) in the outer corner. I have then blended Citrine (the bright orange shade) through my crease. On my lid, I packed on Goldstone (the gold shimmer shade), and added Jasper (top left) and Quartz (next to Jasper) to my inner corner, and my brow bone.


I have also put on the PrimaLash Wispy Lashes.

The Matte



7 out of 9 of the beautiful bronzy shades are matte, which is amazing! Ever since my friend alerted me to how important matte shadows are if you want to up your make up game, it's made me realise that good matte shadows are seriously hard to find. Each of these beautiful matte shadows blends easily and seamlessly.


All of the matte shadows in this palette are very pigmented. However, Topaz and Tiger Eye are very similar when they're on the lid - they blend into each other and look like one big wash of colour. In this look, I haven't smoked out my eye using the darker shades Bronzite and Obsidian - these two shades are much more distinctive, and add a bit more definition than Topaz and Tiger Eye alone. However, the bright orange shade, Citrine, pops out amongst Topaz and Tiger Eye, giving a warm orange glow, which I'm so obsessed with.


I don't know why, but eyeshadow colours always seem to be made for blue or brown eyes, but I really think this palette is perfect for green eyes! Hooray!


The Shimmer



If you love your shimmer shades, I really wouldn't recommend the 2 shimmers in this palette - I'm sorry! I really wanted to love them, but the colour does not pay off on the lid AT ALL. I packed on Goldstone with a wet brush, and what you can see is still the maximum shimmer payoff that I could achieve. I know they're not meant to be super glittery shades, but I do expect a bit more from shimmers than this. Quartz is virtually useless, unless you mix it with Jasper - then you do get a nice bright highlight shade - but I still wouldn't describe it as particularly shimmery.


I did expect way more of a wet look, that matched Kylie's own swatches and her Instagrams, but I just could not emulate her look.


If we're putting my giant customs fee to one side, I do think this palette is very good value for money. With the 20% off, this palette worked out at around £28 for 9 shades. If you think that a Naked Palette by Urban Decay is £38.50 for 12 shades, Kylie's price is pretty competitive. The shades are actually beautiful, and even if you just used The Bronze Palette's matte shades to create looks combined with non-Kylie products, it really is a palette worth having. If you head over to my Instagram, you can see how I used this palette with a navy blue glitter pigment to create the perfect New Year's Eve make up look.

All in all, I really do love this palette, and it has literally been the only eyeshadow palette that I have been reaching for since the start of December. I am desperate to get my hands on The Burgundy Palette - any chance of a New Year sale Kylie?


If you'd like to know anything else about The Bronze Palette, feel free to leave a comment!

I will also be posting a full review of the Lip Kits soon as well.