5 Ways To Style The Slip Dress For Work

Last year, I graduated from my MSc and started my first "proper" job. Other than worrying about how I could possibly make the transition from afternoon lie-ins to 7am starts, a main concern was what the hell do I wear now? I work in television/film, so wearing a suit is far from a requirement, but I wanted to still be experimental with outfits like I could be at university, when my weekly schedule only included an hour on student radio and the odd lecture...


Now that I'm earning, my spending has definitely changed and I mainly can only justify buying clothes that will work any time, any place - whether that be wearing them to work or out for dinner in the evenings. So when it comes to buying "on-trend" pieces, I have to think a bit more carefully about how versatile they really are.


Enter the midi slip dress.


These have been flying around all over the place lately, but I've stayed well away as they're pretty thin, usually seen as outerwear-underwear, and I just didn't know how to tackle them to wear at work, let alone in winter. But then I realised: the midi slip dress is basically just a long pinafore dress, right? So, I can wear a jumper and tights underneath, throw on some boots, and boom - I've got something I can wear at work and home, whatever the occasion and whatever the weather. Did someone say hella versatile?


 Here are my 5 tips on how to style the slip dress for your casual work wardrobe...


Dress - Urban Outfitters // Boots - Dr Martens // Top - Monki // Choker - Urban Outfitters // Bag - Kurt Guiger (similar)


 1. Layering

A thin jumper underneath a slip dress goes a long way to making it not look like you've stepped out in a negligee. I took it one step further and opted for a high-neck jumper from Monki. I literally have 3 of these tops - trust me, you need them in your wardrobe if you love layering.


3. Tights

Other than the fact that it is FREEZING in London at the moment, tights are a definite when it comes to a leg split in a slip dress for work. This one isn't that high up the leg, but either way, tights move the statement away from your legs, and focus it on the dress, which is probably the more appropriate statement to be making at work...

2. Flat boots

I do realise how weird it sounds that I'm talking about dressing something down for work, when normally it is the opposite. However, I wear this slip dress with flat boots for work, and heeled boots when I'm going out out (a rarity, let me assure you). Not only do Dr Martens make the whole thing a lot more comfortable, but they turn the look from teddy-chic to casual workwear.


4. Pick a simple fabric

Don't get me wrong - I absolutely adore the lace, silky slip dresses that I've seen people wearing, but for office purposes I'm not sure even Dr Martens would dress one of those down enough. This midi slip dress is a soft cotton fabric, which makes it much easier to throw on and go. I also think that the black, white and burgundy colours in this outfit work especially well for workwear, and they make the outfit feel way more easy going than if the dress was paired with a bright coloured jumper underneath.



5. Jewellery

If you're now fearing that you may have dressed the entire look down just a touch too much, add a choker to tie the whole look together.


What do you like wearing to work?