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Hello again!

I’ve been working in London for the last couple of weeks, hence the slow blog content. I’m learning to multi task (I SWEAR) and have some very exciting things coming to AWT soon!

This week, London was probably the hottest I’ve ever seen it. Well, at least for a long time. And there’s something about being in London in the 35 degree heat that makes me so happy. Vitamin D come at me.

My journey to work usually takes me about 30 minutes via the tube. However, on Tuesday, the fact that it was 28 degrees at only 8am told me not to venture anywhere near the tube… So I walked the hour walk alternative. Absolutely nothing to do with upping my kilometres to hatch some eggs on Pokemon Go, I promise. Anyway, it was beautiful to walk along the Thames as if I was on holiday. But I’m human, I sweat in the sun. And so along came this outfit…

I’ve been dying to catch up with one of my friends in London for ages now, and when she suggested having a picnic at Regent’s Park by the boating lake I was all for it. However, the combination of walking to work in the 30 degree heat, and being sat at my desk all day in a blouse AND a vest was not the ideal combination for a relaxing, summer picnic.

So HI TOPSHOP! We’re doing this again. Yep, impulse purchases.

I remember when I was working in London about 3 years ago, the exact same situation happened and I ended up buying a palm print jumpsuit. Is palm print the universal emergency “BRITAIN IS TOO HOT TO FUNCTION” print? It definitely is for me. And I literally love this thing. So lightweight and floaty, but is still semi-tailored. I love when an impulse purchase turns into something you have absolutely no regrets about buying!

If you’re like me and forget that the sun in England is the same sun as when you’re on holiday (it just doesn’t come out as much), then you probably burn super easily too. I wear the SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense SPF 30 every day, and have done ever since I saw my skin under UV light at the dermatologist’s (ew). It’s brightening (as the name would suggest) and very lightweight. I hate wearing sun cream on my face – why is it always sticky and always gives you spots? This isn’t like that at all, and is a really lovely daily moisturiser.

Playsuit | Topshop

Sandals | Primark (last year – similar here)

Purse | Ted Baker
Sunglasses | Topshop

What are your go-to outfits during this weather?

Lois x

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