A Custom Phone/Laptop Case with CaseApp | Giveaway & Discount!

When CaseApp wrote to me asking if I’d like to design my own phone case and laptop skin, I obviously said yes (after an obligatory Instagram stalk of course…). Not only did I get these lovely cases, but they’ve given you 20% discount, and the chance to win your own product for free!

I’m sorry in advance for how much information is in this post – I’d never want to review something without giving you all the information I’d find useful! I can never buy anything without desperately searching for a truthful review which makes online shopping a slooooow process let me tell you…

Design Process

Initially, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted on either of my cases. I knew I’d like my phone case and laptop skin to match slightly, but wasn’t sure how. Given that I’m shocking when it comes to creativity, I decided an adequate CaseApp stalk was in order…

CaseApp have two options: you can either upload your own photo as the design itself, or you can choose one of their set designs and then customise it slightly if you wish. 

The website allows you to add text, or an overlay image to your chosen image or design.

I customised a phone case based on the ‘Perfect White‘ design and a laptop skin based on the ‘Mix and Match‘ design.

I thought it would be cool to have A Worthy Trend on my cases, and I wanted to try two different set designs from their website. There aren’t a huge amount of font options to add text with, so I took a screenshot of ‘A Worthy Trend’ in the font I liked, and used a website called LunaPic to make the white screenshotted background transparent.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you should definitely check out their Instagram. They have posted some amazing designs made by some of their customers!

Quality + Price

A standard phone case is £19 and you can choose for it to be glossy or matte (mine is matte). I haven’t dropped my phone yet but the case feels pretty sturdy, and the quality of the image and text has come out so well! CaseApp also make Extra Protection Cases, but I wanted mine to be quite slim!

A laptop skin is £22. It is a pretty thick skin/sticker and definitely feels like it will be scratch resistant. It doesn’t look or feel cheap at all, and, again, the design has come out so well. I love the pink colour – it looks brighter on the website, but I absolutely love that it’s more pastel!


Obviously the phone case snapped on quickly and perfectly, but the laptop skin was a little trickier! After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, my lovely, patient boyfriend helped me smooth the sticker skin down slowly with a credit card to remove all the air bubbles. We eventually got there but just be patient! You can peel it back and smooth it down a couple of times, but the fewer the better! It is worth the effort so keep at it!


Delivery was super quick. I think they came within 2-3 days, and I opted for the standard delivery option!


I’m so so happy with my lovely new cases! Have I tempted you to get one yet…

The lovely people at CaseApp have given you guys 20% off if you fancy buying your own case or laptop skin! Just use the code ‘AWORTHYTREND20’ at checkout. You can make your own customised case here.  


Not only have the people at CaseApp given you a 20% discount code, but they have arranged for me to do a giveaway with you! My first giveaway! Can you tell I’m excited?!

All you have to do is enter with the form below, and the winner will get one free product of their choice (worth £22) from the CaseApp website. The winner will be free to design anything they like – be it completely customised or based on one of their designs.

Go on, it’s free and super easy to enter! You have until 14th August at 12am to enter!


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Good luck!

Lois xx