3 Festival Outfits & Festival Essentials

I think I’m just about over the post-Glastonbury blues. Despite being the muddiest year on record, it’s just one of those places that fills you with so much happiness every time you think back to being there. 

Before I went, I could not find any blog posts about what to wear. So here’s a post so that next year when I’m desperately scrambling for ideas, I can come back here and pull these gems out of my cupboard once more. A few of the pieces I bought will easily work on holiday and places other than Worthy Farm.

Also, let me apologise in advance for the quality of some of these pictures – I didn’t dare take my Olympus camera to Glasto in fear of completely submerging it in mud…


Outfit 1: The Playsuit

Playsuit | ASOS (Similar here)

Western Belt | ASOS

Knee High Socks | Primark

Outfit 2: The Lace Body

Lace Body | River Island (I bought this in white too!)

Shorts | ASOS

Wellies | Hunter

Body Chain | Primark

Outfit 3: The 70s Dress

Dress | Zara (old – similar here and here)

Black Top | Monki (old – similar here)

Knee High Socks | Primark

Body Chain | Primark



You’d think that the Google search “how can I turn myself into a Glasto glitter goddess?” would retrieve 10000s of results. Let me save you the time – it doesn’t. Just get these.

My sister found these glitter stacks in Claire’s Accessories and they are the best thing ever. Just smother your face in Vaseline and stick allllll the glitter on your face. Get those cheekbones.

I bought chunkier flecks of glitter actually on site at Glastonbury, but I’ve seen the exact same stuff sold in Hobbycraft for a third of the price so see what you can find in there.

Glitter is glitter, you get me.

A K-Way Jacket

Okay, you could say this is just a mac. That folds up into a tiny bag. But it’s not. It’s a cool mac. Yes it’s super expensive, but it’s completely rain and windproof so it keeps you a bit warmer. And it’s a really nice, flattering fit – as flattering as a mac can be anyway…

Also, my Dad has one in black, so we were K-Way twins all weekend, yay!

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

Glastonbury 2015 was my first year and I had no idea what to expect. It was so hot which meant loads of people had so much leg out, and I have never felt so pale. Everyone had these amazing, glowy tans and I’m standing there like a ghost. I thought I’d get ontop of my pasty ways this time, and decided to give the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion a go.

 I cannot stress enough how much I HATE fake tan – I just can’t be bothered to carefully apply it to avoid streaky orange lines. BUT this stuff is amazing! You shower, slather it all over your body (you can be pretty rough as long as you cover yourself), wait 3 minutes and then wash it off. It’s literally that easy! The tan then starts to develop and OH MY GOD this stuff gives you the most beautiful glowy, even tan. It probably took about 4 applications for me to notice I had some colour, but it is easily my favourite tanning product ever. It’s so effective and so effortless.

What are your festival essentials?

Lois xx

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