Thursday Favourites & Almost Healthy Cookie Recipe | 2nd June 2016

It has been an eternity since I last did a weekly favourites post. Okay, slightly dramatic. I last did one in March. But still, time has flown by and I’ve not kept up with my blog. However, if blogging itself could be a weekly favourite, I’d add it to this week’s list. For the first time since I started my blog, I’ve actually been uploading more than my ‘upload schedule’ dictates. Woo, here’s to change!

So while I’m on this more-than-regular upload train, have a weekly favourites post!

The Ultimate Lip Combo – Charlotte Tilbury’s Nude Kate & Blondie

I’ve definitely put Nude Kate in a favourites post before, because it is genuinely the nicest lipstick I have ever owned in so many ways: such a lovely creamy formula for a matte lipstick, non-drying and a beautiful colour. I think my obsession is evident based on how worn out it looks now! This is probably the first lipstick that I’ve ever been close to finishing in my life!

Anyway, recently I was in Selfridges and saw that Nude Kate was made to be worn with the Blondie lipgloss. Nude Kate is gorgeous on its own, but holy moly it is even more gorgeous with Blondie! It is a super nude combination, but remember in year 9 when we all put our foundation over our lips? Yeah, this is nothing like that! It’s SO classy and is just the perfect throw-on lip colour for any occasion! It’s so hard to capture the true colour of this combo, but think pale peach with brown-nude undertones. Literally so perfect. And this is the least sticky lipgloss imaginable. There’s nothing worse than a sudden gust of wind and your fringe getting superglued to your lips…


Stop me if this is an overshare. Bras on blogs? Can we do this yet? I’m doing it anyway.

I bought this bra from ASOS yesterday and it is the coolest thing ever. That cross over bit – yeah, that’s the front. This looks amazing under cami tops and £18 is a price I don’t mind spending on a bra – Boux Avenue take note…

CND Rescue Rxx Daily Keratin Treatment 

I’ve become a bit obsessed with CND shellac polishes recently, but my poor little nails pay the price for it and have become so weak and bendy. My lovely mum bought me this bottle of magic and it is basically an oil that you slather over your nails and cuticles in the hope that an hour later, you will have brand new super tough, strong nails. It contains sweet almond oil and jojoba oil, and smells amazing. Like borderline edible (but I wouldn’t advise that…).

I can’t properly comment on whether it’s completely strengthened my nails, but after two days use they have stopped peeling. That’s good enough for me!

My iMac

If you saw my recent desk tour post, you’ll know that I recently got an iMac! This has easily made it into my favourites because I have been sat at it all week! Is that bad? Hey, at least I’m getting my money’s worth! Seriously though, it has made me fall in love with this blogging thing again – thank you 5K display! Yay to having an adult job and being able to afford things! (This is all I will be able to afford for a long time now – that sausage dog will have to wait…)

Almost Healthy Oaty Cookies

Last week, I was having one of those days where I NEEDED (yes, needed) something sweet, but didn’t want to severely ruin my super successful diet (not). I looked at the limited supply of ingredients that I had in my cupboard, threw some things into a bowl and the result turned out SO well! I’m very aware these don’t actually look like cookies, but trust me on this. Appearance isn’t everything. These will easily put those sweet cravings at bay!

Makes 6-8 cookies:

25g butter
25g fat free greek/natural yoghurt

25g caster sugar
15g maple syrup

2 tsp cinnamon powder

50g ground almonds

80g porridge oats

50g raisins

Optional: a handful of dark chocolate chips

Throw all the ingredients together in a bowl, mix well and bake in the oven for about 12-15 minutes at 180°C

Teisseire Vanilla Drops

I really feel like I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but this is THE BEST invention ever. It’s a tiny little bottle of very concentrated vanilla syrup that you can carry around with you if you fancy a bit of syrup in your coffee at work. How has this not been around for ages? It also has no added sugar, so you can’t feel guilty for having a sweet cuppa. And just FYI, I put drops of this in my tea, and it is my favourite hot drink ever!

What have you been loving this week?

Lois xx

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