My 4 Favourite Corners of the World

I think I may have a serious case of wanderlust now that the sun has come out, albeit not very much. I have a couple of holidays planned this year, and I am definitely counting Glastonbury as a mini-break, but I thought I needed to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the beautiful places that I’ve already explored, but am desperate to return to.


My second blog post ever on A Worthy Trend was documenting parts of my magical holiday to Antigua. Most of my family travelled out to spend Christmas 2013 on the beautiful white sandy beaches, and we had the most incredible time in absolute paradise. Picture sunbathing on your own private beach and being brought ice cold bottles of water and fruit kebabs, before borrowing a kayak or going snorkelling. Yeah, true paradise.

My sister and I sat in this exact spot every morning and had breakfast, just the two of us, on the beach with our toes in the sand.

While my 4 favourite corners of the world definitely aren’t in order of preference, I feel like Antigua may just steal the number one spot. I have never been anywhere so idyllic and peaceful, with crystal-clear blue sea and the most spectacular palm trees.

We stayed at The Inn at English Harbour. I know this is a very picture heavy post, but trust me when I say that I haven’t nearly documented all that this wonderful place has to offer. There is so much more to explore and these photos only show the half of it. 

Forget buses and cars. That little speedboat took us across the sea to English Harbour where there is a museum, bakery and a couple of little shops. Perfect for an afternoon explore.

I just had a dreadful flashback of accidentally stepping on a lizard on this pathway. Oh god, the guilt…

If you’re planning a trip to Antigua, these places need to be on your tourist list:

– English Harbour

– Shirley Heights for the most spectacular views and live steel drum band evenings

– St John’s – the capital. It’s really lovely to explore, and if shopping is your thing, that’s where to go.


Los Angeles

I have so few pictures from my trip to LA in 2012, but this is still one of my favourite places in the whole world. Everything about LA made me feel like I’d just stepped onto a film set. I mean, tell me you’re not picturing Hannah Montana running down onto Santa Monica pier in the HanMon movie…? That’s what I thought. 4 years later and this photo is still my desktop background.

Santa Monica Pier was one of the coolest places, and although it boasts a pretty impressive fairground, we did something a bit different while we were there. We saw Haim perform a tiny gig on the pier above the water. Despite it being one of the most chilled out gigs I’ve ever been to, it was easily one of the best. Those girls are stupid levels of talented and seeing them live completely made me fall in love with them. And damn, they’re so cool and nice too. 

We did lots of the typical LA touristy things, but if you’re planning on going there anytime soon, my favourite things were:

– Renting bikes and cycling along Venice Beach

– Exploring and watching a band perform on Santa Monica Pier

– Going to see the Hollywood Sign & the LA Skyline

– Going shopping at The Grove (has to be done seriously)



For my 21st birthday, my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Rome. Yeah, he’s definitely a keeper. Every time I think back to this trip, I am flooded by the most happy memories of our first holiday together exploring the beautiful sights and streets of Rome. This was the first holiday that I had my Olympus Pen for, and I used it to death, hence the stupid amount of photos that are coming your way. Rome is just too pretty, I can’t help it. I can vividly remember the moment we turned the street and saw the colosseum at the end. That’s the amazing thing about Rome, and the thing I love the most – there is a beautiful dramatic, historical sight to see at every turn.

Your Rome itinerary should include:

– Visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum

– Visit Castel Sant’Angelo

– Stroll through the side streets of Trastevere

– Go to Gianicolo for panoramic views of Rome. 



Before you stop reading and think that I went to Ibiza on a massive bender, I didn’t. I went with my Dad, stepmum, sister and our boyfriends. Bit of a family affair. But it is the most beautiful island. I was so reluctant to go, having this completely inaccurate prejudgment that it was just a party island, and had nothing to offer unless you wanted an overpriced drink in a club filled with those on much harder things than drink.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

(Who else pictured Chandler Bing while reading that?)

San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa are the places to avoid if clubbing isn’t for you. However, I have never enjoyed clubbing more than I did in Space. If you can get there before their final season this year, do!

If you move away from the clubs and the tourists, Ibiza is one of the greenest places, but also has beautiful pine forests and sandy beaches. Definitely not what I was expecting, but it is definitely why I will return.

Ibiza also boasts some of the most decadent and most impressive restaurants I have ever been to in my life. Again, who knew? Add these to your list:

– Bambuddah

– Amante Beach Club

– La Paloma

– Passion Cafe (full blog post review here)

– Elements Cafe

If clubbing is your thing, be sure to go to:

– Space (Closing this year)

– Pacha (Flower Power night was ridiculously fun)

– Ushuaia

Finally, check out: 

– The island of Es Vedra (that giant rock) is one of Ibiza’s famous landmarks, and there are so many myths and legends surrounding it.


If you made it to the end of this ridiculously heavy picture post, thank you for reading! I hope I gave you some useful information on some of my favourite places in the world. And if not, I hope you at least liked the pictures!

What are your favourite corners of the world?

Lois xx

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