A Tour of My Desk & DIY Memo Board Tips

Oh god what a long time it’s been! I got my first proper job, and 15 hour days (for real though) have been a bit of a blog killer! In my sleep deprived state, my blog seems to have taken a major step back and in its place has come early nights and cuddles with my electric blanket. No, I’m not 80 years old yet but I’m getting there…

While I can’t make up for lost time, I can say that I have something very exciting to give me a surge of motivation to help me restart blogging – a brand new iMac! My first grown up purchase with my own £££! Yay for adult life! Now that it is all unpacked and settled in, I thought it was only appropriate to recommence blogging with a tour of my desk and a super simple DIY tutorial in the form of this memo board.

Desk | IKEA

Candle Lantern | IKEA

Rose Gold Clips | Paperchase

Pens | Muji

Pen Pot | IKEA

Plant Pot | IKEA

Fake Lavender Plant | Primark


A wire grid like this one

A can of black spray paint

Pretty clips – mine are from Paperchase

Fairy Lights | Lights4Fun

When I moved into my flat in October last year, I knew I wanted some sort of pin board above my desk. After a quick Pinterest search, I found so many wire mesh boards and I fell in love with how they looked. I found one from Urban Outfitters for EIGHTY POUNDS! £80! How can they justify that?! Safe to say that was out of my budget! 

I was suddenly overcome with this DIY diva attitude and decided I could make one myself for under £15. All I did was buy a wire garden grid from Homebase for £8, and I spray painted it black. 

I also am not allowed to hang anything on the walls in my flat so I used some Command Hooks, which stick to your wall but can be removed without tearing the paint off with it.

Finally, I bought some pretty clips and pinned up all of my favourite photos, postcards and tickets etc. Can you tell I love a photo booth?

Expect more regular posts from here on in! Woo yeah to change!

Lois xx