Thursday Favourites | 17th March 2016

Happy Thursday! Nearly the weekend!

It feels like it’s been so long since I did a Thursday favourites. I don’t like writing these posts if nothing has stood out for me as a favourite, but this week was super easy to write… Alllll the favourites!

1. Sensationail Polish to Gel Transformer and Essie’s Fiji

Sensationail have recently launched the gel transformer – you can mix it with ANY normal nail polish and it turns it into a gel!


I got my Sensationail lamp kit for Christmas and ever since, I have been searching for ANY gel nail polish that is a dupe for Essie’s ‘Fiji’. The closest thing I found was Sensational’s Baby Doll Pink, but it was so sheer and went a super dodgy colour after a couple of days.

This is quite literally the answer to my nail prayers. I really need to learn to resist the urge to peel them off after only a couple of days though. That’s proving more difficult than actually painting them!

2. Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

I’m fully aware that everyone harps on about this perfume, but I’d be lying through my teeth if I said it wasn’t a favourite this week. My boyfriend bought it for me as an anniversary present last month, and I have worn it every day since.

The scent stays with you all day – it is a beautiful blend of coffee, vanilla and jasmine (among other notes I probably can’t detect). It’s one of those perfumes where you forget you’re wearing it, and every now and then someone will walk past you and tell you that you smell pretty. Winner.

3. H&M Dress

In this post, I shared some intern outfits that I was loving. However, the next week, a shopping spree happened and I found this beautiful dress in H&M for only £14.99! It is easily one of my favourite work dresses –  I love any seventies print and that seventies yellow! It has a really beautiful keyhole button at the back and is so soft for such a cheap price! Most of my Primark dresses were about £12.99 and feel nothing like this!

4. Elizabeth Arden – Eight Hour Cream

I am forever trying new lip balms for the horrendous chapped lips that Winter always seems to bring me. I’ve woken up a few times this Winter with blood all over my teeth from my lips cracking in the night. I know – I’m a mess.

A lovely friend had some of this stuff on her desk at work and I tried it, and a few hours later my lips still felt super soft. It’s definitely not a complete cure, but this is so nourishing. It’s incredibly thick and oily, but at least it lasts unlike Vaseline. Be warned though – even the fragrance free version smells awful. But it’s still a favourite because it’s really really helped my poor lips! I may be ready to wear lipstick again in a couple of weeks – who knows!

5. Albert’s Schloss & The Framed Photo Booth Collage

If you missed my last post, you will have missed me gushing over Albert’s Schloss – a beautiful restaurant in Manchester. It is probably my easiest favourite of the week. If you fancy seeing a full review and all of the photos I took there, lemme direct you to that post.

My other, related, favourite this week is this photo frame and collage. As I mentioned in that post, Albert’s Schloss have a free photo booth and you get two copies of each strip you print so I came away with loads! I have a pin board, but it is already so full of photos that I wanted to do something a bit different. I found this beautiful floating metal frame in Fig & Sparrow in Manchester, but I know they are sold everywhere now. I decided to cut all of the photos out and arrange them landscape and  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  I keep smiling every time I look at it.

What have you been loving this week?

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