Albert’s Schloss | Manchester

As a super special treat for getting a new job, I decided a meal out was necessary. A friend recommended Albert’s Schloss to me – I’d never heard of it but always love finding interesting restaurants in Manchester. 

Albert’s Schloss is a Bavarian style Cook Haus and Bier Palace. After 5 minutes inside, I completely understood why it deserves the name palace.

The whole place is so beautifully decorated and so much attention to detail has been paid. The overall “theme” is Bavarian style – so think lots of rustic wood and copper. Quite literally the epitome of Pinterest. Even the cocktail glasses are beautiful. It’s a huuuuge restaurant, and Aaron and I went on a Sunday evening. It was very busy, but it still didn’t feel overcrowded. There was enough distance between tables – we definitely weren’t packed in like cattle – and there was such a great atmosphere.

Albert’s Schloss serve loads of traditional German beers on tap, along with the most incredibly exquisite cocktails you can imagine – think bubblegum cocktails, apple strudel cocktails and parma violet cocktails – but classy!


Absolut Vanilia, strawberry liquor, strawberries, lemon
juice, bubble gum syrup, topped with lemonade. 


A crisp lager. Mild with a hint of sweetness and a soft hit of hops in the background. 

The drinks are just the start – they also have an incredible German food menu which will leave you in a manic state trying to rationalise whether ordering two main courses is a bad idea or whether it’s actually quite sensible so that you can try as many of their dishes as possible. 


No.1 — Classic Bratwurst : Smoked pork and beef sausage, sweet pickled cabbage,

double cheese, mustard, brioche sub


Breadcrumbed halloumi, griddled courgette, mint,

lemon, beetroot slaw, watercress, lemon mayo, focaccia 

Aaron instantly opted for the Classic Bratwurst and it was delicious! I, on the other hand, was completely torn between the Halloumi Schnitzel Burger and the Chicken Schnitzel. After a lot of deliberation, I settled on the Halloumi and I’m so glad I did. It was, without a doubt, the best burger I have ever had. The griddled courgette and the lemon mayo completely made this. Any attempt to recreate this at home will only end in disappointment because I’m not in Albert’s Schloss.

The burger didn’t leave me completely full (even with that cheeky side order of fries), which was perfect because it left room for pudding… Deciding on pudding was possibly even tougher than deciding on mains. Doughnuts or waffles – how is anyone supposed to make that choice?!


Housemade lled brioche doughnuts: raspberry,
custard, chocolate, vanilla ice cream

Aaron and I decided to share a pudding, and it was amazing. No regrets. None. Except maybe not ordering the waffles too… Definitely will be returning for those…


Kraken Rum, apple liquor, pear liquor, cinnamon, lemon,
apple juice. 

As if they needed to make this place any more enticing, they have only gone and got a FREE – yes free – Photo Booth downstairs. I think we took about 9 strips worth and you get two of each printed! 

I think I’ve put the photo booth photos to good use….

We had such an unbelievably happy evening at Albert’s Schloss and I will undoubtedly be returning soon. It may sound a bit much, but it’s rare you find such a cool place that makes you feel warm and happy when you think back to being there. This was completely one of those places for me, and I’m sure anyone would love it here. There’s nothing not to like! The staff were so friendly and helpful, and the entire experience was perfect.

Cannot fault.

If you are in Manchester any time soon, definitely book a table at Albert’s Schloss!

Lois x