The Black Penny | Covent Garden

On Sunday, my best friend and I went for brunch in Covent Garden. My Dad works just around the corner and suggested The Black Penny – slightly out of the way from the main drag, situated on Great Queen Street. We hit the seating jackpot and got the window – the perfect Sunday morning people watching spot.

The Coffee

I wouldn’t call myself a coffee fanatic – I like a cup every now and then – but I have sampled many a latte and am fully capable of judging what is a good latte and what is a milky-watery disaster. The lattes at The Black Penny were really lovely, strong and beautifully presented. Try doing that latte art at home with your milk frother and some instant coffee – I’ll save you the time – it doesn’t come out like this…

The Water
This is quite a strange thing to comment on, but throughout the cafe there were jugs of water infused with cucumber and mint. It was really delicious and refreshing – something I’m going to have to try at home!

The Food
Honor and I both ordered The Gatherer, despite being so torn between the amazing options on the Brunch menu.

The Gatherer: eggs how you like them on toasted sourdough, grilled halloumi, sautéed spinach, roasted mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes and Black Penny baked beans

I was absolutely defeated by this meal! I was so disappointed in myself – I managed just over half! It was unbelievably delicious. The halloumi, spinach and mushrooms were particularly delicious, and the baked beans had a yummy smokey flavour. It was the perfect option for brunch. But, like I said, there were so many incredible things to choose from on the menu if this isn’t quite your thing.

If you fancy a sweeter breakfast or brunch, they have a huge range of options from muesli to granola with plenty of delicious fruity toppings. And for anything on the slightly less healthy side, there’s a cheeky range of cakes and cookies to choose from!

Do you have any London brunch recommendations?

Lois x