A Collection of Christmas Gifts

Happy New Year! 

I think this may be the fourth post that I have started with a slight apology. After a few weeks of regular posting, I completely stopped with my blog. I could blame it on essays and Christmas and seeing family, but the truth is that I came home from university and lost my inspiration. I didn’t want to just upload something average.

Long story short, I spent the first two days of my Christmas holidays steaming the old wallpaper off my home bedroom walls (bright pink and gold – what was I thinking?!) and then painting the whole thing clean white. I got a new bed (mine broke in the process of moving the furniture away from the wall…oops) and generally had a major redecorate. Now with my clean slate of a room, I feel inspired to start posting again!

I thought a nice way to ease back in was to run through some of my favourite Christmas presents. I am so nosey and love seeing what people have got for Christmas so thought I would share mine. I’ll link most things I can find – hopefully some are in the sale if you fancy picking anything up!

*Disclaimer: This post features no intentional bragging or boasting, just a genuine love of pretty things*


It seems only right to start with the makeup I received for Christmas. My mum and boyfriend know me SO well and they both knew Charlotte Tilbury would go down a treat.

I was lucky enough to receive two Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. My mum chose ‘Fallen Angel’ (shown in the photo above) and my boyfriend chose ‘Vintage Vamp’ (see photo below) which I have been coveting for well over a year now!

My mum also surprised me with a ‘Rock ‘N’ Kohl’ Black Eye Pencil and the ‘6 Shades of Love Lipstick Gift Set’ which came with a K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in ‘Nude Kate’ and a Cheek to Chic blusher in ‘First Love’. The blusher is so pigmented and beautiful, as expected and the lipstick is probably my favourite out of the lot (is that like picking a favourite child?!). It is a gorgeous, opaque nude shade that went perfectly with my Christmas Day smokey eye from the Fallen Angel palette. I will attempt to do a makeup look post in the near future so you can see just how pretty it is!

Mum also bought me the ‘Mini Lipstick Charms’ which I have yet to try, but the colours all look amazing. There is a red shade (So Marilyn) and two nudes (Penelope Pink and Bitch Perfect). A perfect way to try out some other shades without the commitment!

My boyfriend also bought me a beautiful Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipstick in ‘1933’ which is a beautiful deep brown shade. I tried so hard to get a Kylie Jenner lip kit and failed miserably so I turned to the arms of Urban Decay and am so happy I did! He also bought me a Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede candle – literally my favourite candle ever. 


I also received this copper photo frame from Oliver Bonas. It has already snapped away from the hinges which is really annoying, so hopefully I can take it back, but I love the look of it nonetheless!


Another amazing surprise from mum was these Ted Baker floral workout leggings. I had absolutely no idea Ted Baker did workout clothing but ohmygosh it is the most beautiful exercisewear I have EVER seen! I have been practicing yoga for about 6 years now, so they will be a perfect addition to my yoga wardrobe which currently only consists of some Adidas leggings and old Jack Wills t-shirts… These are much prettier and I can’t wait to wear them!

(More) Beauty

I have been desperate to get my hands on a SensatioNail stater kit so that I can do gel nails myself at home and I finally have one! The starter kit comes with an LED lamp, a gel primer, cleanser, top/base coat and two mini polishes. I also received a gift set with four extra shades. I’ve used this twice now – I got so excited to use it again that I peeled the first application off almost straight away! It is AMAZING! Definitely takes a bit of practice, but it really works and is very easy to use. I need to see how long my painted nails last, but expect a full review on the SensatioNail kits soon. I’ve also used Bluesky gel polishes with the SensatioNail kit and they work perfectly together and are only £5.50 on amazon – much cheaper than £15 SensatioNail polishes…

I also received a Bobbi Brown Caviar Mini Lip & Eye Palette and a Ted Baker ‘Brilliance of Beauty’ gift set. I have yet to try these but they’re so pretty! 

(More) Homeware

Anyone who knows me, knows I love foxes a lot! My mum bought me a Scion Mr Fox knitted cushion in grey – I have the yellow one and can safely say it needed a buddy. 

This cushion was one of three Scion presents I received from various family members – egg cups and coasters were also lovely surprises! They clearly know me well…


My boyfriend’s brother and his wife, Lera (she’s beautiful and has a beautiful blog if any of you speak/read Russian) bought me ‘Easy On The Eyes’ by Lisa Potter Dixon and it is one of the most beautiful makeup books I have ever seen! Lisa is a Benefit make up artist and has written this amazing guide to perfecting eye makeup. I love all makeup but eyes are definitely where I have the most fun. Such a perfect present!

Towards the end of 2015, I went through a bit of a Caroline Flack obsession – the haircut and her style mainly. My mum bought me her autobiography, ‘Storm in a C Cup‘ which was a really lovely surprise! I’m a few chapters in and I’m loving reading and learning a bit more about her and how she got to where she is now. Also, how pretty is her book? That baby pink!

My Dad bought me ‘Deliciously Ella’ by Ella Woodward – my friend has this cookbook and we made a few dishes and they were so easy and delicious – get it? Hahaha… I can’t wait to try some more recipes.

I hope you all had an amazing break over Christmas and were spoiled rotten. If anyone else has written a similar post, please let me know! I’d love to see what you got for Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Lois x