6 Things I Will Miss About December 2015

Bored of posts like this yet? Have just one more…

Before I dive head first into January, I wanted to document my favourite memories from December, 2015. I’m tempted to make this a monthly post, because it’s really nice to be able to look back at what went on. Moving into January, there are 6 things that I will really miss about the Christmas holidays.

1. Christmas Parties
Throughout December, there seemed to be an endless number of Christmas parties to attend. From a Christmas dinner party, to an early Christmas, to a second and third Christmas – nibbles, champagne and laughter were plentiful and I will miss that!

2. Quality Time With Family and Friends

It was my Dad’s Christmas this year, so I went down to stay with him in Brighton for a couple of days. We had plenty of quality time together doing yoga, shopping in The Lanes and watching lots of movies. I actually managed to get him off the phone to work – winning! We’ll ignore that Christmas Eve conference call shall we…?

My sister, Dad and I went ice skating outside Winchester Cathedral – I have never felt more Christmassy. This used to be a December tradition in our family, but it fizzled out so my sister and I decided it was definitely being brought back this year. After an incredibly disappointing ‘Christmas’ ice skating sesh with Aaron in Manchester (it was literally outside an NCP car park – not a Christmas tree in sight), this was a giant step up! 

3. Cats
This may be a ridiculous thing to put in a post like this but ooh, I love cats. At uni, I can’t have a cat in my one bed flat and it wouldn’t feel right to even if I was allowed. Whenever I come home from uni, I realise quite how much I love these silly animals and I will miss them lots when I go back. This is Tootise, my Dad’s cat – she lives for a shoulder-ride. I literally can’t even eat a meal without her climbing up!

4. Seeing Don Broco Live

Aaron and I went to see Don Broco play in Manchester in December, and it was, without a doubt, one of the best gigs I have ever been to. The crowd was one of the best – everyone was genuinely just there to appreciate the music and the atmosphere was amazing. The music, of course, was even better.

5. Winchester
My Grandparents live in Winchester, which is where we spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day. It is one of my favourite places in the world and it was even lovelier on Christmas Day when no one was around. It always feels like such a peaceful city, and I have so many happy memories there. It is certainly a very different pace to Manchester!

6. Redecorating My Bedroom
Major error on my part – I have no before pictures to share with you so picture this:

Magnolia/yellow tinted paint on two walls, and bright pink & gold wallpaper on the other two. A white metal bed frame, an ugly pink, quilted bedspread, a pink chest of drawers and a large number of Justin Bieber posters and blu-tac stains.

Not pretty, not adult, very pink and very tacky.

My best friend, Honor, and I spent two days steaming the gold and pink wallpaper off the walls, sanded them down and repainted the entire thing a beautiful, clean white colour. Two days! I’m impressed with our speed! I should also add that underneath one wall of wallpaper were Jack Wills pink & blue painted stripes…A large, large number of coats of white paint were required to hide that rather embarrassing 2007 obsession!

My white metal bed (which probably would have looked lovely anyway) completely fell apart when we moved it away from the wall to paint behind it, so my mum bought this beautiful pewter bed from Next. I am so in love with my new room, I hardly want to go back up to Manchester and leave it behind.

Being covered head to toe in paint (literally to toe – I stepped in the pot of paint…) with my best friend, listening to Christmas songs will always be a highlight of December 2015!

What did you get up to in December? 

Lois x