A Not-So-Mini High Street Haul

1/2: Keep scrolling to see the other half of this haul…

Living 5 minutes walk away from the shops in Manchester has been a little more than tempting lately. I thought I’d share what I bought here to at least try and justify my naughty spending.

Office Chunky Chelsea Boots:

For months now (and I mean months), I have been searching for a new pair of black ankle boots to replace my holey suede ones. I knew I wanted a heel, but thought that was unrealistic because I need to power-walk around Manchester feeling fairly confident that I won’t fall over. I went into Office and  noticed one of the girls working there wearing these…surely that was a sign right? These are the most comfortable heeled boots I have ever worn. Maybe it’s because it’s a chunky heel, or because they’re slightly platformed. Whatever it is, they are perfect.

Get The Glow by Madeleine Shaw:

For weeks, I have been lusting after this book. I realised I clearly would love it enough to justify the purchase when the staff in Waterstones started to recognise me ‘browsing’… I have yet to properly read through, but I’ll feed back (hahaha do you get it) more about it once I’ve read it!

Primark Mustard Jumper:

I found this batwing jumper on the reduced pile. To avoid getting elbowed in the face by angry shoppers I tend to stay away from messy sale piles, yet I was so drawn in by this colour that I had to delve in and grab one! Amazing quality for £7.90!

Urban Outfitters Skirt:

My wardrobe is slowly increasing with more and more mini skirts, but when I see a retro tube seat-esque print, I can’t help myself. I love the really subtle slits at the front and the dark, wintery colours.

Topshop Scarf:

I went to uni shivering last week (may have had something to do with the oversized holes in my jeans…) so I figured I needed a thick, warm scarf that would go with everything. I now have no excuse to steal my friend’s scarf to use as a blanket during class…

2/2: I actually bought three Primark coats but made myself take one back…They have really nice stuff in at the moment!

Primark Pink Coat:
This beautiful dusty pink coat is a mid length, blazer style coat and I love it. Such a bargain for £25!

Primark Grey Coat:

This grey coat is really long (shin length on me and I’m 5ft 8), really snuggly and really warm. This will definitely be my staple winter coat because it goes with everything and I can wear thick jumpers underneath without overheating.

I will definitely be featuring these coats in a style blog post soon, so stay tuned if you want to see what they look like on.

Urban Outfitters Scarf:
Yes, I did buy another super soft scarf. I just really loved the salmon and grey colours together okay!

New Look Fluffy Keyring:

Jumping on the Fendi trend, I picked up a burgundy pom pom keyring in New Look. At the very least, this is worth buying because it helps me dig my keys out of my bag in a hurry!

I’m putting myself on a spending ban from here on in! Check back soon for some styling posts with my new pieces.