5 Thursday Favourites: 26th November 2015

In an attempt to post regularly on my blog, I’ve decided to create a weekly post series called ‘Thursday Favourites’. I absolutely LOVE reading these sorts of posts and they are such a nice way to document happy, positive things each week. I’m going to pop them live on a Thursday so that I can definitely include both mid-week and weekend things!

Make sure to check back each Thursday for my list.

1. Chunky Turtleneck Jumpers

My mum bought me this jumper from H&M last year and I initially thought it looked ridiculous and didn’t go with anything I paired it with. The answer: skinny jeans and chunky heeled boots. This has kept me SO warm for the last few days now that it’s getting super cold in Manchester. It’s enormous, baggy, completely shapeless and I love it. Pop three jumpers underneath and you hardly need a coat!

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2. The Hunt on BBC One

I’m a huge animal lover, and I welcome any David Attenborough documentary with open arms. However, I was really reluctant to watch The Hunt because I thought it would make me cry and cry at how cruel nature can be. Although some scenes have made me sad, I am absolutely loving this programme. One favourite, and not too devastating ‘hunter’ featured on the show is Portia the jumping spider. She’s incredibly ugly and creepy but she’s a bloody clever hunter!

The filming of the whole documentary is so spectacularly beautiful, and each hunter’s ‘story’ has been pieced together with such attention to detail. Not to mention I feel like a genius who knows everything about all the animals…

Also, can I please have a pet leopard?

3. My New Piercing
As I was walking back from town last week, I thought I’d pop into my local piercing shop to have a look for some jewellery. With absolutely no intention of have anything done, I walked out with my third lobe pierced on my right ear. I’ve had my ‘seconds’ done for absolutely years but never wear them. I picked up some sterling silver studs in Accessorize too and I really like it! I blame this entirely on my new ‘Piercings’ Pinterest board…

4. Colouring
I had a strange week, so I decided to open my colouring book in the evening and stop stressing. This book is called Parisian Street Style: The Colouring Book and is just everything I love in colouring form! I HATE having lots of scenery and large spaces to colour – soz I’m not an artist. This one is perfect because, although there are a few pictures of buildings which I’m currently avoiding like the plague, the majority is pretty clothes and make up and hair!

5. Lavender iPhone Case

After being told by an Apple Genius that my Urban Outfitters floral phone case was actually RUSTING my phone, I decided to splash out and buy one of Apple’s silicone phone cases. I bought the Lavender colour and it’s SO beautiful and thin and light! An outrageous price for a phone case but I’m getting a lot of joy out of it!

What have you been loving this week?

Lois x