The £15 Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses Copy

I’m currently sunbathing in Ibiza, but am desperate to share my latest high-end style dupe with you. If you follow the style of any models or bloggers, you’ll definitely have noticed the amazing Dior ‘So Real’ Sunglasses, with their beautiful bridge-less design. You may also have noticed the enormous £370 price tag… So have I. It’s really surprised me that no high street shop has copied them, until now.

While walking around Ibiza town, I popped into Mango Touch – their accessories shop – and spotted these sunglasses straight away. They are absolutely identical to the Dior sunglasses, even down to the blue tinted lenses. I especially love the €19.99 price tag! I can’t find them on the website, but it may be worth going in to your nearest Mango store – I’m so proud I found them! Thank you Mango for finally recreating these beautiful sunglasses!

Sunglasses Mango