Passion | Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

I’ve just returned from one of the best holidays in Ibiza. While the weather did not impress (why so much rain Spain?!), the rest of the island proved exactly why Ibiza is such a popular holiday destination. I don’t think I have ever eaten to well in my life. Yes, food is not typically why people go to Ibiza but it’s certainly why I’ll return!

The next few posts on my blog will feature my top 3 favourite restaurants and bars. If you’re ever travelling to Ibiza, I’d really recommend them.

For dinner one night, we headed to Passion in Santa Eulalia. My Dad has been here lots before and raves about the food so my sister and I decided we needed to see what all the fuss was about!

Passion is a healthy cafe and restaurant chain with four locations across Ibiza. They specialise in delicious juices, innovative salads, vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes, whilst still catering to meat-eaters like myself.

“The Passion café philosophy is good, natural, wholesome food using the best quality ingredients we can find. Our food is unadulterated and unadorned. We source locally grown food as much as we can and go organic whenever possible.”


I really like eating healthily, but it can sometimes feel like an effort and like you’re missing out on something. Passion couldn’t be more opposite to this! The menu is full of dishes that, traditionally, you may avoid if you’re trying to be healthy – but because the ingredients are so good-for-you, there’s no guilt!

The Restaurant 

As you will notice in the pictures throughout this post, the walls of Passion are covered in upbeat quotes – life is too short for rice cakes! The whole vibe is so positive, and so much attention to detail has been paid. The location of this restaurant is lovely too – right on the seafront of Santa Eulalia, within earshot of the waves and the fountain.


As soon as I saw Watermelon Juice on the menu, I ordered without hesitation! However, when it arrived, my celery sensors went mad! I think there was a leftover taste of celery in the blender which transferred into my drink…Needless to say I swapped for a regular Melon Juice.

All I can say is that they were so delicious. They were literally just blended fruit – no added sugar, no nothing. Just fruit.

Mine very quickly disappeared…


Remember those traditionally unhealthy dishes I was talking about earlier? Here’s the perfect example of how Passion puts its spin on a classic: fries. Not potato fries, not even sweet potato fries.
Avocado Fries.
How has this not been done before?!  They were absolutely delicious, served with a lemon mayo dressing. Even my avocado-fearing boyfriend quickly devoured these.

The other dish we ordered to start was the Salmon Sashimi Salad. I am not a lover of raw fish in the slightest, so can’t comment on this but the rest of the fam LOVED it.



My sister ordered a Passion Sushi Bowl. There was too much going on at my end of the table for me to try hers, but she absolutely loved it.

I rarely go to a restaurant and take more than 5 minutes to decide on my main but Passion ruined me on this! The menu is quite big, and there were so many things I was desperate to try.

Future visits are definitely in order!


I eventually decided on the Halloumi Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. There was so much halloumi which I really appreciated! Most restaurants really hold back but Passion provided plenty in a wholemeal bun, along with sun dried tomatoes, salad and of course, the sweet potato fries lightly dusted with flour rather than lots of salt.

My boyfriend ordered the Sweet Potato & Tofu Coconut Curry – I can’t explain the level of food envy I got when he let me try it! It was absolutely delicious – exactly how you’d expect a coconut curry to taste but better! Not too heavy – perfect! Whenever I cook coconut curries at home, I always use chicken…After seeing how well the sweet potato and tofu went down, I think some changes to my own recipes are in order!

A walk along the seafront and holiday snaps in front of the Santa Eulalia fountain followed our meal perfectly. I left Passion feeling so inspired about healthy eating and cooking.

You can find more information about Passion here. Lana (the beautiful owner) also has a blog which you can find through their website with amazing recipes and healthy lifestyle tips. Make sure to check her out!