The £2 Kendall Jenner ‘Restless’ Lipstick Dupe

If you’re at all interested in makeup or if you can ever be found watching countless reruns of The Kardashians on E!, then you will know that Kendall Jenner has just released a limited edition lipstick shade for Estée Lauder. It looks nothing short of stunning. But all celebrity promotions come at a price…a steep price! I have been searching for a cheap dupe ever since I laid eyes on that £25 price tag and I think I have finally found one!

The Colour

While Kendall Jenner’s shade ‘Restless’ is slightly more orange, Primark’s shade ‘Red’ is almost identical. It is a very bold, beautiful poppy-red shade. For a £23 price difference, it is a fantastic dupe. Especially if you’re not sure whether you can pull off such a bold shade; you can try out the same look without the hefty price tag!

NB. The swatch in the first image is slightly more representative of what the Primark shade truly looks like, rather than the image of my lips – the light was not the best and it appears more bold in person!

The Formula

Primark’s Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon is exactly as it describes; a matte lipstick – but it also feels quite velvety. It’s definitely far from drying and doesn’t stick to any dry bits (sorry, TMI). A number of people who have reviewed the KJ lipstick have said it is incredibly drying, so I think Primark may win on that point!

The Lasting Power

The Primark lipstick does transfer slightly when eating and drinking, but overall it lasts pretty well! I went out for dinner and managed to eat a giant pizza and pudding without it fading too much (in other words, I still obviously had red lipstick on at the end of the evening!). One major plus is that as this lipstick does begin to fade, it fades evenly across the lips, rather than only in the middle leaving a dodgy red lip-liner look!

The Price

Primark sell their Lipstick Crayons for £2 each, compared to £25 for Kendall’s Estee Lauder lipstick. For me, it’s a no brainer!

I think if you’re really into makeup, the KJ shade is worth investing in as it is limited edition. However, if (like me) you’re on a student budget and buying a bright red/orange lipstick is a bit of a risk regardless of the price tag, then this Primark dupe in the shade ‘Red’ is the way to go!