Poppy Pop | LOTW

It is pretty rare that I’ll wear the same lipstick continuously for a week. Rarer still that I’ll wear the same lipstick for a month! I know I’m entitling this series of posts ‘Lips of the Week’, but this really has been my go-to lip look for the whole of August!

Clinique launched their ‘Pop Lip Colour + Primer’ lipsticks earlier this year and it’s taken me until the start of this month to buy one – something truly shocking for a Clinique addict like myself! However, after a month of owning ‘Poppy Pop’, I can see this being the start of a long love affair with Pop Lip Colours.


Poppy Pop is the most beautiful, vibrant, orange-poppy shade (believe it or not…). I wasn’t expecting such a bold colour without a matte finish. I love that the colour is so pigmented, yet is breathable. Some vibrant lipsticks can look too harsh with a matte finish, yet Poppy Pop achieves a softer look thanks to the formula.


Poppy Pop is ‘Demi-matte’; the colour is easily as bold as a matte lipstick, but it has a velvety finish. 

It feels weightless to wear and effortless to maintain throughout the day – I think that’s why I’ve been obsessed with wearing it. I love that the colour is so bright without being drying in any way. The built in primer means that your lips feel moisturised for up to 8 hours.

Lasting Power

The primer part of this lipstick means that lasting power is nothing to worry about! Clinique say that the colour stays true for up to 8 hours. The only thing I would say is that after a drink and a bite to eat, I reapply Poppy Pop to maintain the finish – the colour stays almost perfect, but the moisturised, velvety finish needs topping up every few hours. Without topping up, it gives the look of a lip stain, rather than a lipstick. 

Clinique’s Pop Lip Colour + Primers cost £16. No, this is not a cheap, drugstore lipstick but you are getting two products for the price of one – or am I just trying to make myself feel better?! Considering that Clinique sell their lip primer ‘All About Lips’ for £19.50, I think £16 is great value for such a great lip product!

You can buy Poppy Pop here!