OPI // A Woman’s Prague-ative

Most retailers sell OPI nail polishes at £11.95 a bottle. Although I have purchased a couple of bottles in the past, I feel like that is pretty expensive for a nail polish. 

For Christmas (Dec 2014), my sister bought me this shade – A Woman’s Prague-ative. This colour was part of the OPI Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. I was absolutely amazed to hear that she had paid £3.99 for it! She struck gold in a TK Maxx store in Bristol and found so many OPI shades from previous seasons at such a low price! They were cheaper than most below-average nail polishes that are available in Boots. 

I painted my nails with this beautiful copper/gold shade and the colour stayed perfect for 2 weeks. No chipping. Nothing. I was so shocked at the quality and it reminded me of why OPI probably are so expensive – because they genuinely are such brilliant quality. The only noticeable wear after 2 weeks was that the colour had started to fade, but the polish still hadn’t chipped.

For £3.99, who cares if the shades are from a past season? I don’t think nail polish colours go in and out of fashion! 

If you’re ever near a TK Maxx store, it’s worth having a look to see if they sell any more!