New Years Resolutions 2014

I’ve seen so many posts on so many websites with lots of people who are really excited about their New Year’s resolutions. They are all fairly similar, with the typical ‘read more’ and ‘eat healthier’. 

I usually set myself the same cliché resolutions but EVERY YEAR I seem to fail them. I think, most of the time, I’ve forgotten I’ve set myself them. Either way I NEVER stick to my resolutions. Maybe 2014 will be different?!

But, whether 2014 is different or not, I think I will make my resolutions a little more achievable this year:

  • Read more Read at least one book this year.
  • Eat Healthier Eat at least one vegetable this year.
  • Go to the gym Maybe do exercise at least once this year.
  • Do more university work Keep going to university.
  • Get a First in my exams Pass my exams.
  • Save money Save £1 a month (think of that £12 by 2015!).
  • Be more positive Don’t whinge out loud.
  • Learn something new Try not to forget things I’ve already learnt (e.g. counting).
  • Write 2014 not 2013 anymore.

Lois x