Christmas 2013

YES, it’s already the 8th. Christmas is long gone and exams are fast approaching but I don’t want January to fly by without me documenting my favourite things about this Christmas (because it was a good one).

So here we go…

This year, I spent Christmas in Antigua with 11 of my family members, as part of a celebration for my dad turning 50. It is literally the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The sea is SO blue, and the sand is so clean and white. And the palm trees! The hotel had strung fairy lights all the way up the majority of the palm trees so in the evening, the beach and the outdoor restaurants were lit up so beautifully! It was one of the most special holidays I’ve ever had.

Although it couldn’t have been further from a traditional English Christmas, with no frosty, dark mornings or hot cups of tea by the Christmas tree, it was still so special.

Christmas actual Day was a weird one. My sister and I got up at 8am, went down to eat breakfast on the beach…

and then went to sunbathe on the private beach for the rest of the day. Can’t say I’ve ever done that on Christmas Day before! (Not without severe frostbite anyway…) Listening to Christmas carols on the beach in a bikini was probably the strangest part of the whole day! Oh, and making sandcastles with a hotel spoon! (Somehow, I don’t think the hotel will be changing their policy of no guests under age 10 anytime soon…(I’m nearly 20, I DON’T EVEN CARE))

Our week in paradise came to an end far too quickly for my liking, but my sister and I then got to have a second Christmas with mum which was far more traditional!

We had the best roast dinner I think we’ve ever had, but that may be partly due to the fact our roast dinner in Antigua was actually a 5 course meal with a load of salads and sorbets that nobody wanted. NOT ON CHRISTMAS. I want LOTS of turkey and stuffing and gravy. Not a pokey bit of beetroot (however, that was enjoyable).

My favourite presents by far were these: a Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Candle (with matches), a Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Diffuser and the beautiful mirrored tray that they are sat on (which, I’m told is from Wilkinson’s!)


Lois x